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UIViewController is a root class of all controllers that managers a UIView.


Signature -(void)attentionClassDumpUser:(id)arg1 yesItsUsAgain:(id)arg2 althoughSwizzlingAndOverridingPrivateMethodsIsFun:(id)arg3 itWasntMuchFunWhenYourAppStoppedWorking:(id)arg4 pleaseRefrainFromDoingSoInTheFutureOkayThanksBye:(id)arg5;
Available in 3.0 –

UIViewController is the host of the famous method -[UIViewController(UIViewControllerClassDumpWarning) attentionClassDumpUser:...]. This method was added in 3.0 as an attempt to "scare off" developers using undocumented methods. The method itself is a no-op.