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UIFontChooser is a view that can choose a font family. It is very primitive, and it is better to implement a custom UIPickerView instead.

Methods of UIFontChooser


Signature +(UIFontChooser*)sharedFontChooser;
Available in 2.0 –

Create a font chooser view. It will be initialized to have a frame equal to the main screen size.


Signature -(NSString*)selectedFamilyName;
Available in 2.0 –

Returns the selected font family name, or nil if none are selected.


Signature -(CGFloat)selectedSize;
Available in 2.0 –

Returns the selected font size, or 0 if the size field is left empty.


Signature @property(assign,nonatomic) id delegate;
Available in 2.0 –

Give the font chooser a delegate to respond to. It must conform to the informal protocol:

@protocol UIFontChooserDelegate

Note: If you implement -showKeyboardForFontChooser:, you must implement -hideKeyboardForFontChooser: as well.