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UIFont is a class representing a font face and the font size. This class is built on top of GSFont.

Default font families

Family Normal Bold Italic Bold-Italic Example
AppleGothic AppleGothic Korean-한국어-韓國語
Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN HiraKakuProN-W3 HiraKakuProN-W6 Japanese-にほんご-ニヒンゴ-日本語
Arial Unicode MS ArialUnicodeMS Unicode-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Heiti K STHeitiK-Light STHeitiK-Medium Korean-한국어-韓國語
DB LCD Temp DBLCDTempBlack 0123456789abcdef
Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica-Bold Helvetica-Oblique Helvetica-BoldOblique Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Marker Felt MarkerFelt-Thin Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Times New Roman TimesNewRomanPSMT TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Verdana Verdana Verdana-Bold Verdana-Italic Verdana-BoldItalic Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Georgia Georgia Georgia-Bold Georgia-Italic Georgia-BoldItalic Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Arial Rounded MT Bold ArialRoundedMTBold Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Trebuchet MS TrebuchetMS TrebuchetMS-Bold TrebuchetMS-Italic Trebuchet-BoldItalic Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Heiti TC STHeitiTC-Light STHeitiTC-Medium Traditional Chinese-繁體中文
Geeza Pro GeezaPro GeezaPro-Bold Arabic-العربية/Farsi-فارسی
Courier Courier Courier-Bold Courier-Oblique Courier-BoldOblique Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Arial ArialMT Arial-BoldMT Arial-ItalicMT Arial-BoldItalicMT Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Heiti J STHeitiJ-Light STHeitiJ-Medium Japanese-にほんご-ニヒンゴ-日本語
Arial Hebrew ArialHebrew ArialHebrew-Bold Hebrew-עִבְרִית
Courier New CourierNewPSMT CourierNewPS-BoldMT CourierNewPS-ItalicMT CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Zapfino Zapfino Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
American Typewriter AmericanTypewriter AmericanTypewriter-Bold Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Heiti SC STHeitiSC-Light STHeitiSC-Medium Simplified Chinese-简体中文
Helvetica Neue HelveticaNeue HelveticaNeue-Bold Latin-AMZamz157½ßĽΔΩθφДЫжю
Thonburi Thonburi Thonburi-Bold Thai-ภาษาไทย