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Available Since 1.0
Class Prefix SB

SpringBoard is the application launcher for the iPhone; it provides all application launching services, icon management, statusbar control, and everything else that's supposed to be filled in on this page at a later date.

Workflow logging

SpringBoard reserves UNIX signal 31 (SIGUSR2) to toggle workflow logging. It can log pushing/popping displays from display stacks, application launching, etc.

Sending signal 31 to SpringBoard will rotate between these 4 logging styles:

  1. Stop logging.
  2. Start silent logging.
  3. Start logging to syslog.
  4. Dump workflow log.

HID logging

SpringBoard reserves UNIX signal 30 (SIGUSR1) to toggle HID logging. It can log multitouch events, accelerometer events, button presses, etc.

Sending signal 30 to SpringBoard will rotate between these 6 logging styles:

  1. Off.
  2. SpringBoard Events
  3. MultiTouch Gesture Events
  4. MultiTouch HID Events
  5. MultiTouch HID & Gesture Events
  6. Accelerometer events


Firmware 2.0 2.1 2.2 3.0 3.1 3.2
SourceCache version 656.4 713.4 716.45 919.5 956.17 1065.74