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Cydia Package
Developer BigBoss
Package ID sbsettings
Latest Version 3.0.2

SBSettings is a MobileSubstrate extension for SpringBoard which provides a quick way to view and change various settings. SBSettings are launched by swiping the finger across the status bar.


The toggles are the basic building blocks of SBSettings. Each toggle should create a directory in /var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Toggles with the following structure:

  • ~/Library/SBSettings/Toggles/
    • «Name of your toggle»/
      • Toggle.dylib

The Toggle.dylib contains code to react with users. It must implement and export the following C functions:

Boolean isCapable();            // returns whether this toggle should be shown.
Boolean isEnabled();            // returns the ON/OFF state of the toggle.
void setState(Boolean Enabled); // assign the ON/OFF state.
float getDelayTime();           // returns the expected time (in seconds) to handle a state change.

and these are optional:

Boolean getStateFast();         // "approximate" the ON/OFF state.
Boolean allowInCall();          // returns whether this toggle can be used in call. Default to true.
void invokeHoldAction();        // responds to the user long-holding the toggle.

Details can be found in BigBoss's SBSettings Toggle Spec.


SBSettings is themeable. See this page for detail.