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OBWelcomeController is a view controller subclass in OnBoardingKit.framework.

Creating an instance

OBWelcomeController *exampleWelcomeController = [[OBWelcomeController alloc] initWithTitle:@"Example Title" detailText:@"Example Details" icon:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"circle" contentLayout:2];

A few notes

- contentLayout:2 seems to be the only way to go. Other options appear to crash.

- You can use any regular UIImage. The system image is used here as an example.

Adding items to the controller

[exampleWelcomeController addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"Item 1" description:@"A nice-looking, responsive description." image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"app"];
[exampleWelcomeController addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"Item 2" description:@"It can be as long as you want - the view will auto-resize, and even center the icon for the item!" image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"plus.app"];
[exampleWelcomeController addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"Item 3" description:@"Look at you, making fancy views. If only Apple would make this framework public." image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"app.badge"];

Push the controller

[aViewController presentViewController:exampleWelcomeController animated:YES completion:nil];