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Private Framework
Availabile 5.0 – present
Class Prefix MR

MediaRemote is a framework that is used to communicate with the media server, mediaserverd. It can be utilized to query the server for now playing information, play or pause the current song, skip 15 seconds, etc.

Sending a command

MediaRemote uses commands to control various things.

One can send a command to the server by doing:

MRMediaRemoteSendCommand(kMRTogglePlayPause, 0);

For a complete list of commands, see the header file at the bottom of this page.

Getting now playing information

You may use the MRMediaRemoteGetNowPlayingInfo function to get information about the playing media. See the header file for a list of keys to use with the dictionary.

MRMediaRemoteGetNowPlayingInfo(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^(CFDictionaryRef information) {
        NSLog(@"We got the information: %@", information);