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About this wiki

The sum of all human[1] knowledge about jailbroken iOS development.

What is this wiki for?

  • Information regarding usage of iOS frameworks, both public and private, SpringBoard, system daemons (for hooking and hacking), and classes in applications included with the system.
  • Information about third-party libraries or extensions for developers (PreferenceLoader, libactivator, etc.).
  • Links to useful information and Open Source Projects.
  • Anything else about development for jailbroken iOS devices. (The iPhone Wiki is more user-oriented.)

Getting started

New to developing for jailbroken devices? Welcome, it's fun and challenging! Hopefully you already have some experience with Objective-C. You will want to get familiar with MobileSubstrate and Theos, and study some Open Source Projects to see how existing tweaks work. Also take a look at Best Practices.

How to ask for help: You can ask questions in the IRC channel #iphonedev on (where a bunch of developers hang out). IRC is an old-school chat system; if you don't already know how to use it, the IRC page has details for you. There is also a relatively active "jailbreak" tag on Stack Overflow, a site for programming questions in general; feel free to ask there as well.

Overview of contents

What are you looking for?

Editing this wiki

  • If you have anything at all to contribute, feel free to do so!
  • An account is required to edit pages, but anyone is welcome to make an account. If you have trouble with the account creation process, please ask in #iphonedev on for help.

Some ideas for information to contribute:

  • Make the homepage more useful! For example, add links to good pages that are hidden/buried deep within the wiki.
  • The following articles are linked from nowhere in the wiki: Special:LonelyPages - a problem that can be easily fixed by linking them somewhere.
  • Write an explanation of how to reverse-engineer parts of iOS for writing tweaks.
  • Make a page that documents a framework you're familiar with.
  • Expand the homepage's "getting started" information for new developers - what do they need to know before beginning? How do they set up a development environment on OS X, Windows, and Linux? What are common beginner's mistakes that they should watch out for?
  • Add more projects to the list of Open Source Projects, or fill out details on that page.
  • Write an article that is in demand: Special:WantedPages.
  • Update Xcode with better information about how to build apps for jailbroken devices.
  • If you've developed a library (or a tweak people can write addons for) that other developers can use, make a page that documents your project.

  1. We'll make an exception for lawyers; they may submit too. Cf. "Creative Commons licenses are expressed in three different formats: the Commons Deed (human-readable code), the Legal Code (lawyer-readable code); and the metadata (machine readable code)."