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== Why another wiki? ==
== Why another wiki? ==
The [http://theiphonewiki.com iPhone Wiki] seems to be more user-oriented, the administrators have to be contacted to create new accounts, and this wiki is oriented toward development (though user guides are acceptable in their own sections).
The [http://theiphonewiki.com iPhone Wiki] seems to be more user-oriented, and this wiki '''specifically''' targets development.
== Quick Start (User Guides) ==
== Quick start ==
* [[n82ap|iPhone 3G]] - A complete guide to jailbreaking and keeping this model relevant to the modern world.
== Quick start (Development) ==
What are you looking for?
What are you looking for?

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About this wiki

The sum of all human[1] knowledge about iPhoneOS Development.

Ideas on what to add to this wiki

  • getting started section! it is a real challenge for a beginner -- where to start? I have linked to a code project article that covers the bases, but it would make sense to create a new page here and drag all of the pertinent information from that article. ( I wrote the article, but I think it is better placed in a wiki, as the situation changes and the technology evolves, and new resources become available -- Ohmu ).
  • Information regarding usage of iPhone OS Frameworks, both public and private, SpringBoard, system daemons (for hooking and hacking), and classes in applications included with the system
  • Information about third-party libraries or extensions for developers (PreferenceLoader, libhide, etc.)
  • Questions about development (to be answered by others; please keep questions in talk pages.)
  • Links to useful information
  • Links to open-source projects
    • It would be very good to catalogue and link to all of the projects available on GitHub. because currently there is no real way to search through them. There is plenty of really good code out there that never sees the light of day. maybe we could have a page for that?

Why another wiki?

The iPhone Wiki seems to be more user-oriented, and this wiki specifically targets development.

Quick start

What are you looking for?

Editing this wiki

  • If you have anything at all to contribute, feel free to do so!
  • An account is required to edit pages.

  1. We'll make an exception for lawyers; they may submit too. Cf. http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions#How_does_a_Creative_Commons_license_operate.3F: "Creative Commons licenses are expressed in three different formats: the Commons Deed (human-readable code), the Legal Code (lawyer-readable code); and the metadata (machine readable code)."