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m (MGGetBoolAnswer (iOS 7+): Correction.)
m (MGGetBoolAnswer (iOS 7+))
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NSLog(@"Value: %d", value);
NSLog(@"Value: %d", value);
*'''Note''': You are responsible for freeing the value returned by MGCopyAnswer and MGGetBoolAnswer.
== References ==
== References ==

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libMobileGestalt is a library that can be used to get various system values such as the UDID, disk usage, device version and much more. It is comparable to liblockdown.dylib. See also lockdownd.


// Common form: MGCopyAnswer(CFStringRef string);
CFStringRef value = MGCopyAnswer(kMGDeviceColor);
NSLog(@"Value: %@", value);

MGGetBoolAnswer (iOS 7+)

// Boolean MGGetBoolAnswer(CFStringRef key);
Boolean value = MGGetBoolAnswer(CFSTR("UIProceduralWallpaperCapability"));
NSLog(@"Value: %d", value);


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