Jailbreak detection

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Since there are more and more jailbreaks being created by hobbyists, each with their own respective quirks, you may have to change the behavior of your tweak / packaging depending on the jailbreak installed on the user's device.

None of this advice is foolproof but it's worth taking into consideration.

Hidden files

Legitimate Jailbreaks

Jailbreak Path
Electra (11.1.2) /.electra_installed
Electra (11.3.1) /.electra_installed
unc0ver /.installed_unc0ver

"Fake" Jailbreaks

It's probably not worth supporting these. These jailbreaks are redundant and, arguably, harm the jailbreak community by merely existing.

If anything, you should have some type of warning so users know that there's something wrong.

Jailbreak Path
th0r /.bootstrapped_Th0r