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If you have questions about how to edit this wiki, feel free to ask in the #iphonedev IRC channel - see the IRC article for help, or use this convenient web client for #iphonedev.

iPhoneDevWiki runs on the MediaWiki software, the same as Wikipedia and many other large wikis, so most help for editing Wikipedia/MediaWiki will apply here too.

Help with basic markup (page editing syntax)

To figure out how to make links, italics, bold, images, and so on:

See Wikipedia's formatting cheatsheet.

Advanced markup/syntax

For help making tables, see MediaWiki's table formatting page.

For adding new tables, here's a quick template for copypasting:

{| class="wikitable"
! Key !! Description
| a || b.

Will produce:

Key Description
a b.

How to make new articles (new pages)

An easy way to make a new article: type your desired article title into the search box, and click the "Create the page" link on the search results page. Then type in the content that you want, and save it.

Fancy syntax highlighting

You can make code snippets nicely syntax-highlighted using these tags:

<source lang=objc>
NSObject *anObject = [[NSObject alloc] init];

Which will produce an output that looks like the following:

 NSObject *anObject = [[NSObject alloc] init];

This wiki uses GeSHi as the syntax highlighter. It supports many languages such as bash, c, cpp, text.

How to add a navigation box to the bottom of an article

To add a helpful navigation box to the bottom of an article documenting a class, you can use tags like these:


If you add this navigation box to an article, the article link will automatically show up within that navigation box.

(If you're curious how this template works, go to Template:Occlass and click "edit" to view its source. Another template you might be curious about: Template:IPFHeader.)

How templates work

Generally when you see double curly brackets like {{CoreFoundation Version Table}} while editing a page, that means the page is embedding a "template". To edit that template, you can modify the URL in your browser to go to that template's page, like this one:

Templates can be simple text or include variables; if you're curious, see the MediaWiki documentation about templates.

How to add categories to an article

To put an article in a category, add one or more lines like this to the bottom of the article:

[[Category:Category name]]
[[Category:Another category name]]

If a category doesn't exist yet, it'll be automatically created when you add the category to an article.

A list of existing categories that you may want to choose from: Special:Categories.