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CPLRUDictionary is a dictionary storing a limited set of data, with extra data filted out by last accessed time. LRU stands for Least Recently Used[1].

CPLRUDictionary* dict = [[CPLRUDictionary alloc] initWithMaximumCapacity:4];

[dict setObject:@"1" forKey:@"first"];
[dict setObject:@"2" forKey:@"second"];
[dict setObject:@"3" forKey:@"third"];
[dict setObject:@"4" forKey:@"fourth"];
[dict objectForKey:@"first"];	// Bump "first" as most recently used.
[dict setObject:@"5" forKey:@"fifth"];
[dict setObject:@"6" forKey:@"sixth"]; 

NSLog(@"%@", [dict allKeys]);	// Should have "first", "fourth", "fifth" and "sixth" in any order.

[dict release];


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