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CFKeyedArchiverUID is the "8th property list object" for supporting NSKeyedArchiver. It is essentially a 32-bit integer, but this specific type is used to denote a link in the object graph.

This type will appear as <NSCFType 0xXXXXXXXX> when NSLog-ing it, which is not useful. Apple's Property List Editor does not recognize this type, so if you edit a plist generated by NSKeyedArchiver, data will be lost.

typedef struct __CFKeyedArchiverUID* CFKeyedArchiverUIDRef;

CFTypeID              _CFKeyedArchiverUIDGetTypeID (void);
CFKeyedArchiverUIDRef _CFKeyedArchiverUIDCreate    (CFAllocatorRef allocator, uint32_t value);
uint32_t              _CFKeyedArchiverUIDGetValue  (CFKeyedArchiverUIDRef uid);

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