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SBFolderController is the superclass of SBRootFolderController you can use this to create a new instance of SBFolderController for any SBFolder (you could also use another SBFolderController, this is relevant with folders in folders). This is useful if you need a SBFolderView.

iOS 8

//Create instance of SBFolderController
SBFolderController *innerFolder = [[[[[%c(SBIconController) sharedInstance]  controllerClassForFolder:[iconView.icon folder]] alloc] initWithFolder:[iconView.icon folder] orientation:[[%c(SBIconController) sharedInstance] orientation] viewMap:[[[%c(SBIconController) sharedInstance] _rootFolderController] _viewMap]] autorelease];
//Tell rootFolderController we have an innerFolderController
[[[%c(SBIconController) sharedInstance] _rootFolderController] setInnerFolderController:innerFolder];

//Folder view retrieved with:
SBFolderView *view = [innerFolder contentView];

//To close folder
[[[%c(SBIconController) sharedInstance] _rootFolderController] _setInnerFolderOpen:NO animated:NO completion:nil];