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SBBulletinBannerController can be used to post notifications to the user from a substrate tweak running inside Springboard.

BBBulletinRequest *bulletin = [[BBBulletinRequest alloc] init];  
bulletin.sectionID =  @"com.application.identifier";  
bulletin.title =  @"Title";  
bulletin.message  = @"Message"; = [NSDate date];  
SBBulletinBannerController *controller = [%c(SBBulletinBannerController) sharedInstance];
if ([controller respondsToSelector:@selector(observer:addBulletin:forFeed:playLightsAndSirens:withReply:)])
  [controller observer:nil addBulletin:bulletin forFeed:2 playLightsAndSirens:YES withReply:nil]; 
else if ([controller respondsToSelector:@selector(observer:addBulletin:forFeed:)])
  [controller observer:nil addBulletin:bulletin forFeed:2];
[bulletin release];