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FBSSystemService is a private class introduced in iOS 8 for supplying various system actions.


Signature +(FBSSystemService *)sharedService;
Available in 8.0 —

Create FBSSystemService singleton.

Signature -(void)sendActions:(NSSet *)actions withResult:(id *)result;
Available in 8.0 —

This method can send appropriate system-related actions. For example, SBSRestartRenderServerAction action.

Relaunch SpringBoard with relaunch URL

// Also link FrontBoardServices and SpringBoardServices to your project
NSURL *relaunchURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@"prefs:root=DISPLAY&path=MAGNIFY"];
SBSRestartRenderServerAction *restartAction = [SBSRestartRenderServerAction restartActionWithTargetRelaunchURL:relaunchURL];
[[FBSSystemService sharedService] sendActions:[NSSet setWithObject:restartAction] withResult:nil];