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| pageCurl, pageUnCurl
| pageCurl, pageUnCurl
| <tt>float inputColor[]; float inputAngle;</tt>
| <tt>float inputColor[];</tt>

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CATransition is an Objective-C wrapper for creating view transitions. As of 3.1.2, there are 11 types of transitions. 4 of them are SDK-compatible, but are the most boring ones. The following shows all 11 types of transition from picture "A" to "B" at 40%. The subtypes, if any, is "fromLeft".


Some transitions accept addition arguments through the filter property, for example, you can set the location of suckEffect using

CAFilter* filter = [CAFilter filterWithName:@"suckEffect"];
[filter setValue:[NSValue valueWithCGPoint:CGPointMake(160, 240)] forKey:@"inputPosition"];
transition.filter = filter;
Transition Accepted parameters
cube float inputAmount; (perspective)
oglFlip float inputAmount;
cameraIris CGPoint inputPosition;
suckEffect CGPoint inputPosition;
pageCurl, pageUnCurl float inputColor[];