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SBSAccelerometer is a class in the SpringBoardServices.framework which can be used to create an own SBAccelerometerInterface, even from within It's advantage above hooking "accelerometer"-methods in SpringBoard is that a delegate can be chosen.

Creating an instance of SBSAccelerometer and the delegate

Once an instance of SBSAccelerometer has been created you can use _checkIn to activate it; to deactivate it you send _checkOut. Example:

SBSAccelerometer *theAcc = [[SBSAccelerometer alloc] init];
				theAcc.accelerometerEventsEnabled = YES;
				theAcc.updateInterval = 0.1;
				theAcc.xThreshold = 0.2;
				theAcc.yThreshold = 0.2;
				theAcc.zThreshold = 0.2;
                                theAcc._orientationEventsEnabled = NO;
				theAcc.delegate = myAccDelegateInstance;
				[theAcc _checkIn];

The delegate has to implement:

-(void)accelerometer:(SBSAccelerometer*)accelerometer didAccelerateWithTimeStamp:(NSTimeInterval)timestamp
				   x:(float)x y:(float)y z:(float)z eventType:(unsigned)type

For orientation Events you need to enable _orientationEventsEnabled and implement the following method in your delegate:

-(void)accelerometer:(SBSAccelerometer*)accelerometer didChangeDeviceOrientation:(UIDeviceOrientation)newOrientation