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Preference Bundles are bundles for extending the Settings application. Developers can build their own bundles and place them in /Library/PreferenceBundles/ for others to use.


Structure of a Preference Bundle

Preference bundles must have the extension .bundle. The principle class of the bundle should be a subclass of PSListController or PSViewController. When providing localization files, if a specifier plist is called spec.plist, there should be a corresponding localization file called spec.strings. The bundle can have a 29×29 icon, with a preferred name of icon.png.

For more information on specifiers, see Preferences Specifier Plist Format.

Issues with OS 3.2 and 4.0

PSViewController underwent a massive change after 3.1, breaking all custom subclasses on the iPad and on 4.0 - it is now a UIViewController.

Improper implementations of PSListController subclasses will fail to work properly on 4.0 and later. You must set _specifiers within the - (id)specifiers method and return it. This is because PSListController relies on _specifiers to generate specifier metadata and group indices since iOS 4.0. Example:

- (id)specifiers {
	if (!_specifiers){
		_specifiers = [[self loadSpecifiersFromPlistName: kNameOfPreferencesPlist target: self] retain];
	return _specifiers;

Using a Preference Bundle